The AutoAmbulatorTM is a sophisticated treadmill featuring a body weight supported ambulation designed to help patients safely relearn natural walking patterns.

The AutoAmbulator’s innovative technology

Designed with many safety features, the AutoAmbulatorTM safely places the patient in a standing position while robotics assist the patient’s legs to walk on a treadmill. Sensors continuously monitor walking patterns, changing power and speed according to the patient’s movement ability.


  • Robotic legs generate the power needed to safely simulate normal walking patterns
  • Therapists can safely adjust the amount of weight bearing to each patient’s tolerance
  • Walking speed can be varied to patient’s ability and gradually increased to reproduce walking patterns that reflect normal walking
  • To eliminate injury risks, sensors automatically shut down the machine when an adverse event occurs, such as a severe spasm or if the patient’s foot does not strike the treadmill properly

Who can benefit from treatment with the AutoAmbulatorTM?

Whether an individual has been recently injured or unable to walk for years, the AutoAmbulatorTM can improve function.

The AutoAmbulatorTM has improved abilities for patients with:

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I feel that I would not be as far as I am now, a month post surgery, if I had not had the training at your facility.
- Eileen Barner

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